Tom Brady just won his sixth Super Bowl. He’s been to the Championship nine times. In 50% of his season’s he’s playing in the championship game. Now 6-3, he’s won 66.6% of them.

Whats the difference between athletes who are clutch in the big moments versus the one’s who choke? 

What the difference between people who perform at their best on tests, speeches, big games, meetings, presentations versus those who wilt under pressure and are racked with anxiety?  

Let me first answer this question:
What is Talent? 

Talent is the ability to alter your state of consciousness on demand. 

You can have the greatest physical abilities, and greatest intellectual knowledge but if you can’t access it, its useless.

I have many students “diagnosed” with learning disorders, who have a great memory, it just shuts down on tests. I have kids who can focus, they just can’t do it in math class. I have athletes who have great skill, they just don’t perform well in the big moments.

So how do you:
#1 Perform to your Best Ability?
#2 Go Above & Beyond Your Best and Achieve Performance like a Tom Brady?  

Many people would look at a champion like Tom Brady, and think he was born with greatness. What they miss is that GENIUS & GREATNESS is SYSTEMATIC & has STRUCTURE. And I don’t just mean the cute quotes that are said on people’s instagram page … I’m talking about the precise mental structure of HOW THEY THINK & HOW THEY OPERATE THEIR BRAIN & NERVOUS SYSTEM.

NLP gives you the skill to USE YOUR BRAIN like the Greatest Athletes of All Time and therefore develop similar extraordinary skill.

How you might ask? 

MODELLING. Most people who “purportedly do NLP” think modelling is Mimicking. ITS NOT. With mimicking you can only become a lesser version of whoever you’re mimicking. Why follow someone whom you can only be a lesser them, when you can be the best you!

Modelling is where you build a Calculus to represent Mental & Physical Processes that produce Behaviours. Its very specific, and there are many important COMPONENTS to our thinking. In my NLP Practitioner course I’ll teach you specifically what those are, so you can Super-Learn the magic strategies of the best of the best and develop similar skill – I do this in every area of my life Super-Learning Martial Arts (in months not years), BodyBuilding, Neuroscience, New Skills like Hypnosis, NLP, Public Speaking, Finance etc. 

Yes these are very HIGH-LEVEL sophisticated skills, which is why the course is 7 days IN PERSON, but its easy once you KNOW HOW.

Online videos, courses and books are nice, but they simply do not cut it for the task at hand, nor will they produce the kind of profound long-term change you’re seeking if you wish to pursue GREATNESS. Secondly, if you’re a parent and want to get your son or daughters brain functioning right, you need much higher level skills.

No people are not “visual”, “auditory”, or “kinesthetic” … as is taught by people claiming to do NLP, nor is talent hardwired and genetic like Neuroscience lore from the 1960’s said. Much of the medical industry is still operating based on outdated 1960s dogma. As Dr. Norman Doidge shows in his books such as,The Brain That Changes Itself, the brain is in fact “plastic” and constantly changing its form and functional abilities.

Hence you can build a better brain. And not just any brain, but a brain just like any GENIUS or combination of GENIUS’ you want to be like. But you’re not going to do it with the run-of-the-mill content out there.

MODELLING enables you to: 
1. Deconstruct Genius – See what its Made of: The Precise Mental Processes 
2. Build Genius – Build it for yourself, your kids or clients.
3. GO BEYOND – Build even Greater Genius & Be able to Predict How Genius would perform in new contexts.

You want to learn from some guy who took an NLP weekend course and somehow got a certification? Or someone who learned NLP from someone who didn’t even create NLP?
You want to learn from someone who’s sat behind books their whole life and has never actually gotten a phobic better, a depressive better or gotten someone who’s sabotaging their life like with drugs, foods, bad habits to live a healthy functional life? Not to mention motivating already motivated people is easy.
Do you want to learn someone who’s used everything he teaches to optimize his own brain and super-learn in every area of his life? Someone who’s had success with the most difficult cases that others simply throw their hands in the air at. I’m talking about OCD, Schizophrenia. Why is this important? Because it teaches you how to deal with anything you’re faced with … and gives you clues to greatness. 

1. Physical Mastery
– Martial Arts in months not years (I know masters would kill me for saying this)
– Develop a Herculean Body – no drugs, no steroids, no supplement gimmicks or technology gimmicks.
– Studied and modelled Qigong Master, Shaolin Monk, Martial Arts Masters.

2. Mentally Mastery 
– Used NLP to Super-Learn NLP & Hypnosis
– Used Neuroplasticity to Super-Learn Neuroplasticity
– Quantitative QEEG Brain Imaging to Quantify & Measure Results.
– Studied and modelled the creative genius of NLP, Dr. Richard Bandler DIRECTLY.

3. Practical Experience – Over 1000 clients & patients, ranging from Autistic kids, Children with learning disorders, both kids and adults with Anxiety, Depression, Entrepreneurs & Professional Athletes, Businesses & Organizations.

Whether you want to increase your bench press from 200lbs to 400lbs, cut your body fat from 20% to 10%, increase your memory by 2-5X, increase your motivation by 200%-500%, build new healthy habits, sell more, be a HIGH LEVEL HIGH SKILLED coach, persuade people and be a better public speaker … my upcoming NLP Practitioner Training Level 1 will Teach you the skills to do so – like a GAME CHANGER.

You can be the TOM BRADY in your field! 











There are only 20 seats in this course.


*** Family Group Discount Rates Apply.


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