How valuable would it be to have a technology that could instantly bring you to a Super-Learning state – body relaxed, mind alert – whenever you needed to perform your best?


What if you could optimize your brain and enhance your intelligence  for as little as $30 right in the comfort in your home? You dont have to move or go anywhere. Now, how convenient would that be?


If you’ve read my bio (link) you would have seen that I used to suffer from severe anxiety and panic attacks. I was one super-stressed guy, and kept falling into the same vicious cycles over and over again. I was stuck, stressed, and extremely frustrated with repeated failures, which were emotionally, financially and psychologically exhausting.


With so many brain optimizing technologies, “nootropics”, and practices to enhance brain function and cognition hitting the market and being promoted by slippery salesmen, it’s easy to be overwhelmed, confused and indecisive. Not knowing who or what to trust, it’s difficult to take decisive action.


After spending tons of money on many different brain-optimizing technologies and systems, many of which yielded dissatisfactory results, I was fortunate enough to have a brilliant friend lead me to Iawake. 

I speak from firsthand experience, from observations and performance optimizations with clients, organizations and MasterMinds across the world.

I have not only tasted the Iawake products, I have completely devoured the entire spectrum of

Iawake products. My awareness, creativity, spiritual growth and vision and execution have been radically transformed. I am not the same hyper-competitive, hyper-tense, hyper-achiever, stressed person. My life, my brain, my emotional self-control, my resilience and insightfulness have been permanently upgraded. I’ve jolted myself out of the neural rut of self-defeating thoughts, habits and beliefs and paved new neural superhighways in my brain. The more you drive these super-highways, using the Iawake technologies, the most you discover about yourself and the higher and higher destinations you reach. During each meditation, listen to each different track, a different creative burst or leap in my abilities comes about.

After each mini-vacation and mental shower for an hour listening to an Iawake track, I return to my work with a full tank of energy, determination and BrainPower far higher than before


With Iawake Technologies, In One Shot you receive:

  1. Brain Optimizing Technology: saving you thousands of dollars you’re likely to spend on more expense brain-enhancing tech that may actually be less effective.
  2. Nootropic – the purest energy energetic frequencies of Brain Enhancing Supplements – no need to worry about product quality, fillers or disguised man-made products. For people averse to popping pills, listening to relaxing and rejuvenating tracks is far more attractive.
  3. Energetic Healing
  4. Personal Trainer to ensure that you get to “your” Mental Gym and build the Brainpower and Neuro-plasticity in your brain. You do not need to utilize your precious brainpower playing Lumosity games, IQ training and other tests to enhance intelligence. You don’t need to sit there and wonder whether you’re meditating properly, unsure whether your producing the desired changes in the brain. You can now just relax, knowing that whether you’re meditation practice is correct or not, your getting the beneficial changes in brain function that will continue to make meditation easier.
  5. Accelerated Meditation – Spiritual, Creative and Intellectual Trainer.



If your an entrepreneur or world class organization at the very top of your industry, there are higher levels of health, performance and excellence that you’ve yet to explore. If you think that your at the top of your game, dare to test this assumption. Add the Iawake technologies to your arsenal and begin playing life at an entirely higher level.


Simply mediate for thirty minutes of the GAMMA BURST to get a taste of the power of brain-wave, bioenergetic technology.


Finishing studies, as a student Iawake accelerated learning, self-education and rapid synthesis of information cross-discipline. Adding the NeuroStrength to enter a profound state of focus and flow, keep me firing on all cylinders for the rest of the day. The technology energized and constantly elevated my nervous system’s and brains capacity to be resilient and to bring full intensity and brilliance in every aspect of my business, academic, athletic life – my life was a constant state of flow. Uncompromosing intensity, focus and ability to tap into my creative abilities at will.



IMAGINE Yourself breezing through complex problems with intuitive clarity, disparate pieces of your being – your emotions, thinking, brain, heart and spirit – all congealling into harmony. IMAGINE time falling away, emotions and stress evaporating away, contaminating thoughts floating away …. and all that exists is blissful engagement, pure presence, absolute flow.


If you’re in business, speaking, or a performer how valuable would it be for you


I’m integrating Iawake technologies to enhance the performance of entire organizations.

Double Dividend for Businesses: Employees become faster, more effective, more creative and more resilience to stress, while their mental and physical health improves.



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With Iawake technologies you don’t have to learn anything to avoid wasting your time on something ineffective. Instead, it will do most of the work for you – making it easy to apply the manifesting principles in your life and helping you get want you want the easy and effective way. Get Started Now.