The Next-Level of Brain & Body Optimization

Hello Game Changers,

In 2017 I have plans of going to Shaolin to train, compete and immerse myself in the culture. I’ve learned from several Shaolin Masters and Monks and in addition to over a decade of Strength, Fitness and Conditioning Coaching, I’m now combining the best of all disciplines to transform my Brain, my Body and my Performance – and plan to do the same for you if you want to be the best Super-Human you can be.

Here’s 5 minutes from yesterday’s 4 hours of training. This is 2 hours in. The Qi took over completely at the 1 hour mark. I do hundreds of each fundamental moves.
0 – 1:20 – Fundamental Kicks and Punches
1:20 – Shaolin Qigong, Punches, & Chen Style Tai Chi
4:00 – Stretching

“I fear not the man who has practice 10,000 kicks once, but I fear the man who has practice one kick 10,000 times” – Bruce Lee

There’s something magical about Shaolin Qigong and the Ancient Martial Arts. They activate such incredible energy and power and through practice transform your mind, body and consciousness. The Super-Human powers and abilities you develop through practice is beyond description – you become a different, better person. Confident, Courageous, Joyful & Fearless.

I intend on going to Shaolin and training with the monks to truly test myself and immerse myself in the culture medicine and practice. If you think you’re up for the challenge I welcome you to train with me for the next 6 months.

For the next 6 months I will be training at an even higher level of intensity, pushing the limits of my speed, strength, endurance, pain threshold, you name it… but this isn’t anything new :). And I got to do it in like 1/3 of the time a monk would have to practice … Cuz during the day I optimize people’s brains.

As you’ll see I’m working on mastering front side kicks, and a few fundamental punches. Keep things simple and deadly fast.

Also in the new year I will begin training a small group of individuals integrating Qigong, Tai Chi, Martial Arts, Strength & Fitness Training for complete Game Changer Physical Transformation.



Contact me directly at if you want to apply to be one of a few Game Changers who I will train full out with!

Also, if you’re into Tai Chi, Qigong, longevity and optimizing your health I will be doing workshops and trainings across the globe.


Chris “Beast-Lee” Wyllie 

MEDITATION 101 – How, What & Why You Need to Meditate for your Brain


30 days of BRAINPOWER BREAKTHROUGH strategies – opening up the greatest resources you have, the un-tapped resources of your Brain.

For the next 30 days, each day I will post a simple strategy for you to implement to optimize your brain … I know I can get deep into the science, but let me tell you, once you optimize your brain, YOU WILL WANT TO LEARN EVERYTHING YOU CAN TO OPTIMIZE YOUR BRAIN EVEN MORE … then you’ll thank me for the all those long, juicy blogs!

DAY 1:


When I first heard about meditation, I was like what heck is it? I read about it and still didn’t understand it … it seems so abstract, seems like nothing special … close your eyes and then what the heck do you do???

When I first started meditation, my brain would race in circles and circles, and I’d be looking at the clock every two minutes to see when the 15 minutes was up. I had a brain in overdrive, which looped and looped and looped with racing thoughts and anxiety.

For me, I started and as soon as my eyes shut my brain started racing FASTER, not SLOWER. I got more tense, not less. Meditation can make your brain worse not better if you’re just sitting there ruminating on crappy thoughts!

But when done effectively, meditation can unleash the magic of your mind, and transform your body. Meditation has been proven to boost neurogenesis “brain cell growth”, reduce stress and brain cell death, improve heart health, speed healing, increase relaxation, focus, memory, resilience to stress and energy. The benefits of meditation are limited only to every aspect of your life. So how can you activate the magic of our mind with meditation? 

Let me start by saying that Meditation is practice that people of all ages and all types of brains’ should be doing. Whether you’re a Spiritual Person, Entrepreneur, Executive, Professional Athlete, Kid in Kindergarten or Elderly Individual seeking to prevent Neuro-Degeneration, MEDITATION IS FOR YOU.

Meditation synchronizes and balances your brain and thus improves signalling Brain and Body-Wide. As a result, observations and studies show that meditation improves hormone health, neurotransmitter levels in the brain, and physiological measures like Blood Pressure. Meditation improves everything – mood, memory, energy – you name it. 

How to Meditate – 2 General Types of Meditation:

  1.  Focused Concentration – TAOIST

I practice both. I RECOMMEND starting with TAOIST Meditation which leads to complete emptiness.


1. Find a Comfortable Place – Your HAPPY PLACE, to be associated with Relaxation & Joy 🙂

2. Sit up straight – Lotus Position or on a Chair

3. Gently Close your Eyes & Focus on your DAN TIAN “Energy Warehouse” – 3 fingers below belly-button, 3 fingers inwards from surface.

4. ABDOMINAL BREATHING – breathe into lower belly, lower belly expands. Breathe out Lower Belly Swings in. This Maximizes Oxygen Intake and Stokes the Fire “Ignites” the Qi, until Qi begins to “BOIL OVER” and then Flow through the entire body. When this happens the Qi correct the parts of the body which are out of balance (parts of the body which are damaged, and not functioning optimally, will be “leaking light” and energy deficient). When my Sifu, told me this it seemed rather abstract but as I experienced my Qi building, it did go to parts of my body like my lower back, my knees and shoulder and begin to heal them. Now the Qi is so tremendous that I can injure my knee, my shoulder or my back and within a day or less, the Qi heals the injury – RETURN TO YOUTH & HYPER-ACTIVATING THE BODY’s INNATE HEALING CAPABILITIES INDEED!

5. CONCENTRATION – Focus your mind EXCLUSIVELY on this one point, noticing the sensations as you breathe in and out.

6. COUNTING METHOD – as you breathe in, in your mind count 1 2 3, and as you breathe out, don’t count at all, completely let go. Counting method is optional, but the key is DELIBERATE, FOCUSED, CONCENTRATION.

DELIBERATE, FOCUSED CONCENTRATION is so important, because every-time you impose your consciousness, and focus your mind … every time you grab that “monkey mind” by the tail … and focus it, it TRAINS your brain to FOCUS EXCLUSIVELY on one thing.

Most people get splitting results … because they are constantly splitting their consciousness between many different things … and here’s the thing … when you split your consciousness … its not like you’re chopping up different parts … like cutting a full pizza into 6 different pieces … what happens is that when you split your consciousness, you actually LOSE a piece of pizza … and so only have 5 pieces … and only 83% of the total concentration you’d have if you FOCUSED EXCLUSIVELY on one thing. This has been more experience through transforming my brain.

The more clutter in your mind, the greater the in-efficiency. The more you can focus and align all your resources in one direction, the sharper your thinking, clearer your vision, and the faster you’ll effortlessly achieve breakthroughs in your life.

Ultimately just like building a muscle, you want to train and increase your brain’s capacity to access  THE SUPER-LEARNING STATE – Consciously Quiet, Calm & Clear, MIND SHOOTING AHEAD.

While meditating, your monkey mind, will tend to wander to events, experiences, problems and all the things you need “TO DO”. Every time you consciously and deliberately FOCUS your mind back on your breathing, you engage your Prefrontal Cortex, and so increase the strength and firing of your Prefrontal Cortex. The Prefrontal Cortex, is the highest, most evolved part of the brain. It’s essentially “THE HUMAN BRAIN”, which governs our Executive Function, Regulates our Behaviour, Controls Impulses and Drives, and modulates our FOCUS, MEMORY, LANGUAGE and ability to process information and make decisions. FOCUSED CONCENTRATION via Meditation, activates and builds new neural connections between PFC and other brain regions. So with meditation you increase your brain ability to regulate the other regions of your brain, like the emotional limbic brain, increasing emotional control and intelligence.

Over time, FOCUSED CONCENTRATION builds new connections between PFC and other brain regions, thereby increasing your capacity to control autonomic functions such as your breathing rate, heart rate, and other physiological processes. As a result, meditation gives  you the power and control to increase your body’s health. MONKS, YOGIS, SHAOLIN QIGONG MASTERS, display this extreme control and ability to regulate the physical body with incredible precision. You can begin to take control of your health as well. Ultimately only you can feel, experience, and know YOUR UNIQUE BRAIN AND BODY BEST. Thus you are the one BEST at optimizing and caring for your body.

Focused Meditation develops this profound ability to bring your body into balance, speed healing, and skyrocket your abilities – athletic performance, cognition, memory, focus, creativity – across the board.

As I see on QEEG Brain Maps of individuals with ADHD, Autism, Anxiety, Depression, Bipolar and many other neurological disorders, when chaos runs rampant your the brain, and your brain is imbalanced and de-synchronized, problems and dis-ease ensue. 

The HALLMARK OF HEALTH … the Hallmark of a Healthy Brain, Healthy Body and Healthy Life is SYNCHRONY and BALANCE. I work with many elite performers who want me to light up individual parts of their brain so they feel like Super-man, but thats not what brings optimal health and optimal performance. SYNCHRONY and BALANCE in the BRAIN is what unleashes the Magic of the Mind. You see many people take drugs, nootropics, and cognitive enhancers to try to enhance cognition, but this just amplifies certain parts of your brain and cuts off others so in total, doesn’t allow you to nearly access anything close to your highest intelligence.

In the BRAIN, in terms of brainwaves, in terms of brain activation, you want BALANCED Brain  Activity and Synchrony. Synchrony improves signalling, aka neurotransmitter and hormonal signalling in your brain and body.

Meditation synchronizes your brain and body, brings your conscious and unconscious mind into alignment, and synchronizes your brainwaves. Over time with meditation your brain will start to produce more of THE AWAKENED MIND, BRAIN PATTERN – synchronous amounts of Delta, Theta, Alpha, Beta and Gamma. It’s not about just one frequency but about the full balanced spectrum. By meditating in nature, this will harmonize your body with the natural frequencies of the environment, such as Earth and the Sun, and re-connect your body. Re-connecting is what needs to happen to slow Autism, Alzheimer’s and Neuro-degeneration (more on that in Autism 101 Blog).

Meditation is fantastic for:

  1. Reseting Circadian Clock when travelling to eliminate Jet Lag
  2. Reducing Anxiety and Increase Relaxation
  3. Deepening Sleep
  4. Increasing Focus, Memory & Learning.
  5. Increasing Physical Regeneration & Healing
  6. Increasing Weight Loss.

EXTREME YIN (SILENCE) breeds Extreme YANG (ACTIVITY). The more silent you can become internally the faster the external manifestation. The more you can quiet your conscious mind, the more you can unlock and unleash the full power of your unconscious mind. The more relaxed and silent your physical body, the more powerfully the QI, can flow internally to heal and regenerate your body. YIN & YANG. RELATIVITY. IT APPLIES TO EVERYTHING. 


As mentioned, while meditating your mind with tend to wander away to thoughts, problems, things you’ve got to do. If you are anything like I was, you’re mind probably races to problems as soon as you shut your eyes. So with meditation you want to focus exclusively on your breathing and Dan TIAN, and whenever your mind wanders go back to focusing on your breathing, and perhaps using the counting method.

Eventually over time your brain will drop into silence and you’re mind will go silent. It will seem like everything fades away. Just drop into the complete silence.  Whenever your mind begins to wander, go back to focusing on DAN TIAN and your breathing. Over-time, by deliberately focusing your mind back on track whenever it wanders, you repeatedly activate your Prefrontal Cortex, which eventually leads to the neurons “Habituating” and thus turning off. Whenever neurons fire repeatedly, they eventually “shut off”. It’s just like your clothes on your body. You feel them at first, but then after a while you completely forget about them, and the subtle sensations on each part of your body go away and you’re free to focus on whatever it is you’re focusing on.

So after a bit of work, your PFC actually shuts off in deep mediation and you drop into complete silence. When you’re internally silent, thats when external manifestation happens at lightening speed. Extreme Yin (silence) breeds Extreme Yang (Motion, Manifestation). For Athletes and Executives, the quieter, clearer and calmer you are internally, the more you’ll get things done externally. 


Start easy and simple. Start with 10 minutes. When meditating expect that your monkey mind may be racing the entire time thats okay. Deliberately Focus your mind on the breathing. Over time, the more you brain your brain to focus, the more it can learn to do it AUTOMATICALLY. We learn by first doing it deliberately and consciously, and the more we consciously focus, the faster our brain can integrate it into Procedural Memory, so our brain can do it automatically. We no longer have to try or think about it. Just like jumping on and riding a bicycle. You don’t have to think about it, you just jump on and ride.

Eventually, you’ll just close your eyes, and in an instant you’ll be riding the waves of relaxation and clarity.


After 100 consecutive days of meditation, magic will happen in your mind. Your senses will become sharper, your thoughts brighter, your perspective expanded and you’ll start to see the world in a new way. But in order to reap all the benefits of meditation you need to do it consistently. Do it every day if only for 10-15 minutes. Every day you miss puts you back two days.


The Optimal time meditate will be unique for each person. The top 3 times to meditate are Before Bed, After a Workout, Morning Before Work. 

1.  Meditation is a fantastic insomnia remedy, and will get you sleeping more restfully and deeply. Not only that, it will reduce your sleep needs. Meditation is so important to balance your brain and bring your mind to clarity before bed. Otherwise, your thoughts will continue racing in flux during sleep. Sleep is designed to “restore order and organize the brain”. You can drastically enhance the sorting, organization and consolidation processes that happen during sleep, by organizing and balancing your brain beforehand with meditation. 

2. Extreme Yang leads to Extreme Yin. The problem with typical fitness and exercise approaches is that they are all external, and so often decrease, not increase health and longevity. We need the proper balance of internal and external power. Whenever we workout, we generate kinetic energy and liberate energy. By meditating after a workout or any time you exercise you consolidate and store this energy internally – to build up and strengthen internal organs, and increase internal flow of energy. This is how you improve your health fast! Not only that, by meditating after a workout, you EXPONENTIALLY INCREASE the biological processes stimulated by exercise, specifically autophagy, the process in which cells recycle all the waste products that have accumulated. This makes you feel lighter, brighter, accelerates weight loss and markedly increases brain function.

3. Before you start the day you want to be operating at the mountain-top of your abilities. You want your full focus, brainpower and willpower, so that you can see the solutions to all the problems and challenges you face. You simply can’t be productive or effective, if you’re not operating with your best. So take the 10 minutes, and arm your brain and body with balanced energy before you go war – YOUR DAY JOB 🙂

Now you have the “why” “what” “how” and “when” to begin a daily MEDITATION PRACTICE.

Let me tell you, MEDITATION is in the TOP 5 of the most powerful brain optimization practices you can do. Don’t underestimate the power of the simplicity. Meditation unleashes the full magic of your brain. 

Meditation has been a game changer for me in terms of helping me overcome anxiety, panic, stress and accelerating learning, focus and memory. It is a game changer for you too.



I’m getting ready to film the sizzle reel for The SUPERMAN and SUPERWOMAN Programs next week! You’ll see my Shaolin Qigong & Tai Chi, both martial arts and healing practices, in action. I’ll also be showing my Strength Training and Workouts. These programs are for you if you’re seeking to take your brain, body, health and performance TO THE MAX!!! Absolutely Next-Level. GAME CHANGING.

Unlike any other programs on the planet that I’m aware of, I’ll be combining Ancient Qigong, Tai Chi & Traditional Chinese Medicine (actually even better, ancient zen medicine) for both healing, health & performance with cutting edge Neuroscience, Neurotechnologies, Brain Training, Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP), Hypnosis, Brainpower Nutrition and much more to SuperCharge your Brainpower, Focus, Health & Performance. It’s Back to the Future – blending the ancient old with the brand new, to build a new Super-Human You. I may have just found the Delorean ladies and gentlemen!

“There’s not a magical pill, but rather a magical process that unleashes the magic within” 

– The Brainpower Breakthrough

Just finished one of my favourite full-body workouts, which is amazingly simple, amazingly effective, and designed to produce the maximal hormonal response for Fat-Burning, and Lean Body Recomposition. Simple, Efficient, Elegant. Maximum Results. Thats what it’s about.

The workout entails rotating back and forth between full-body “back” exercises and full body “chest” exercises. The sequence is a “Pull” exercise then a “Push” Exercise, a pull then a push, ensuring you’re working and activating all your muscles in a balanced way.

Note: You should always do a back exercise before pumping the bench press for instance, to activate the back muscles to stabilize and support your chest movements. Its mighty easy to tear and destroy your shoulders, without preparing the back muscles such as the rotator cuff. Remember this: The shoulders are GOLD, and Waist, Iron. Gold is much rarer, and so if you destroy your shoulder’s its much harder to regenerate (though still much faster with Qigong – I know I healed both my shoulders which I wrecked pitching & playing baseball). However, point is that it’s much easier to fix and find your Abs, and melt fat off your body than it is to repair your shoulder.

Here’s the basic WORKOUT: warm up (reverse pull ups), rows and bench with no weight (engaging muscles and motor pattern), then lift 10-15 reps of 25% weight you’ll be lifting. Warm Ups should be performing the exact motor pattern of the exercises you’re going to do. If you’re lifting squats, warm ups should be squatting etc. “Stretching” is performed once the joints are lubricated and energy meridians are open, aka after weight lifting. You don’t want to lengthen a muscle, which you then want to contract (lift weight).

Simple GAME CHANGER Workout: 

  • 5 sets of Bent-Over Rows Style 1,
  • 5 sets of Bench Press
  • 5 sets of Bent-Over Rows with bar vertical Style 2.
  • 5 sets of dumbbell press

        bent over row 2         bent over row

And that’s it! Build up to the weight that you can do 6-8 reps with no assistance and no momentum lifting!

TEMPO: 3-5 secs on decline, EXPLODE on contraction. This will increase your strength, maximize muscle growth and train your nervous system.

FORM: Believe it or not, full body exercises, like squats and rows are the best way to build a super-strong core and ripped abs. For form, before ever lifting any heavy weights makes sure:

  1. Core is Engaged. Flex your Core.
  2. Lower Back Straight, make sure your pelvis isn’t tilting forward
  3. Shoulders Back
  4. Legs Bent, feet rooted into the ground.
  5. Back angled forward, the more you lean forward (ideally around 45 degree angle from horizontal plane), the more you’ll engage your back muscles.
  6. Contract and pull weight right into the waist and contract (squeeze), all back muscles to the max at the top and hold for a moment before letting the weight down.
  7. BREATHING – breathe in on the eccentric, letting weight down, breathe out on the concentric, bringing the weight up. See breathing method below.

Here are some Next-Level GAME CHANGER WORKOUT STRATEGIES: (this is exactly what I do in my workouts 🙂 ).

This is where science meets spirituality. Enlightenment meets raw physical power.

  1. How to BREATHE: When I workout I do the Qigong Lung breathing … making an “xi” sound with teeth touching, and contracting my lungs and diaphragm (called reverse breathing in qigong). Simultaneously while lifting weight, when contracting, I use my mind to send the energy rising up my spine to my brain … Right to my third eye …With practice you will feel the energy rise up your spine and encircle your third eye and feel it open up. When it does the endorphins and energy will pour out like a shower head and you’ll feel euphoric. A super-human state indeed. Here’s an older video that shows the Lung Breathing. See minute 7:30.
  2. Second Game Changer Strategy – SUPER-STATE, Neuro-Association. Before each set place your awareness on your third eye and feel the activation, at the same time repeat the mantra “I am a warrior”.

To build this state, the next time you are in a powerful physical state, perhaps while lifting weight, anchor that state with the mantra and place your focused awareness on your third eye. Once this state is anchored, anytime you repeat the mantra or even place your awareness on your third eye, you’ll be transformed into that same SUPER-STATE. Neurologically, neurochemically, and energetically you’ll be propelled right back to that same state.

This is just a taste of the next level physical, neurological and energetic strategies that I teach individuals to Build, and Access Super States of Performance at Will.

Of course with every workout I bring the qigong into it, and that makes it not only fun but so much more powerful … Quickly you can transform into any superhero you desire. Today I was Super-Man, yesterday during my Sprinting, Qigong & Tai Chi Martial Arts, I was FLASH Gordon.

The SuperMan & SuperWoman Programs are designed and individually tailored to three groups:

  1. Elite Executives and Entrenpreneurs seeking to become Absolute Powerhouses mentally, physically and professionally.
  2. Pro-Level Athletes and those aiming to rise to that level (young adults). Parents you want to get your kids in the pros?
  3. Health Enthusiasts seeking to get fit, happy, healthy, regenerate and optimize their health, happiness and life. And be prepared to get in the game!

To learn more about the SuperMan and SuperWoman Program …

Ohhh yea you can bet I’m writing two books one for men and one for women titled SuperMan and Superwoman … Fill out the

Application at The Game Changer

Website –

Before you do email me directly at

By applying for the Super-Man Program before August 31st, 2016 you will be eligible for both Bonus Services, and Early Bird Pricing.

LIFE MASTERY 2 – Are you Drying Up, Hardening, Declining? The Keys to a JUICY Brain & Body.

Do you want to become the most flexible, fluid, adaptable, powerful human being you could humanly be? 

Do you want to build a level of Brainpower, Mental power, and Willpower that is so electric, so infinite, so unshakable that will allow you to flow past any problem life throws at you? 

How many years do you want to live? And how much life do you want in those years?

This post reveals a fundamental principle and truth that dictates how long you’ll live, how electric your brain is, how healthy your hormones are, and how successful you’ll be at overcoming the problems and challenges that life inevitably throws at you.

So let’s get to it …

What do scientists look for when searching for the presence of Life on other Planets in the Universe?

What is Fundamental to our Essence and Existence?


No Water. No Life. 

Did you know that 99.9% of the molecules in your body are water molecules?

What’s the biggest danger for someone who is aging? FALLING. Weak Knees. Weak Hips. 

What’s the first thing people begin to lose with age? Hearing & Memory. 

Why do these things happen? Drying up of your water pathway. No Water. No Life.

Our Brain, our entire Skeleton and our Adrenals and Kidneys, are all part of the water pathway in our body. This water pathway is the key to your longevity, hormone power and brainpower. Your Water pathway is the reservoir of your energy. From water all the other elements in the body are created – Wood, Fire, Earth, Metal. When water begins to dry up due to excessive Non-Native EMF, Excessive Technology & Blue Light, Excessive Stress, Anger & Emotional Reactivity, Excessive Stimulants, Drugs & Nootropics, Halogens like Fluoride and Bromide in Tap Water, Grains & Processed Foods, Chemical Cigarettes and Tobacco, we begin to lose our life energy and our brain and body begins to fail. Essentially, we lose our JUICE, and our brain begins to shrivel up like a dried up Grape. Our skin begins to wrinkle, our spine and back becomes brittle, and we lose our Brains, Beauty, and Elegance. You become that hard, brittle, stubborn ,rigid, cranky old man, or cranky old lady. Or given the epidemics of Concussions, Neurological problems and Mental Disease, you become the moody, cranky, sour young man or young women. Everything breaks down. Especially your Bones. 

Bone is one of the last parts of the human body that uses a DC current to regenerate. This same DC current is created via light in the brain to fuel cognition, memory and consciousness. Bone problems are a sign of impending brain problems. Both a foggy brain and weak bones are a sign of a weak charge in the kidneys. The Bone, Brain, Kidneys are all connected.

Adrenal burnout, Mental Illness, Dementia, Alzheimer’s, Hearing Loss, Osteoporosis are a product of the drying up of your Water Pathway. Dopamine, a focus, motivation, mood neurotransmitter, is intimately tied to Testosterone. In fact, Dopamine controls the release of hormones from the pituitary. What are dopamine neurotransmitter levels associated with? The electricity and magnetism of your brain. Very simply, when you raise the electrical charge flowing through your cells, blood and oxygen are drawn to your brain, dopamine levels rise, and thus so do testosterone and sex-steroid hormones. The result, you get smarter, your brain becomes more fluid and flexible, your thinking more clear and penetrating, and you restore youthfulness to your body and increase your longevity.


The start of all Life is Wuji – complete nothingness, just pure potential energy, existing in a highly fluid, energetic gaseous form. Wuji is a state of complete darkness, nothing-ness, within which lies infinite light energy. Think of a Black Hole. From Wuji springs Tai Chi, the beginning of Yin and Yang, relativity, positive and negative, fire and water, and we see the formation of the Universe as gases compress and potential energy is turned into liquids, and planets form as the outer crusts begin to harden. All the infinite light energy is converted into mass. On the developing planet, below the crust is liquid holt fluid magma, which creates magnetism and contains tremendous energy, which is constantly being exchanged with the upper, outer core. Over immense time, the entire planet will fully harden and become a dead Giant Red Star. When fully hardening, the planet loses its energy, and it’s electromagnetic field and life can no longer live. Just look at Mars which is a Dead Red Desert

“As is the macrocosm, so is the microcosm”   – The Upanishads.

The exact same processes that occur in the life cycle of the universe’s formation and termination, occur in the human life cycle. Human life is born from a fluid ova, and fluid sperm with immense genetic material and energy, which form a flexible, fluid baby. As the Bible says, and as QED physics has proved, we are all fundamentally created out of light energy. Looking at Einstein’s mass equivalence equation E =MC^2, not only can tremendous energy be liberated from mass (nuclear bombs), but also energy is what creates mass. The relationships are bi-directional. We are all beings of light. At the beginning of life we are full of light, and very flexible, soft, and open to experience. As a result, human life is like a growing universe – infinite and full of magical possibilities. The changeability and adaptability of the human brain, and neuro-plasticity during the beginning years of life show you how infinitely capable the human brain is. Just like the universe.

Just look at a child, see how flexible, open and curious they are. A child is constantly flowing like water, falling down and getting back up, failing to properly utter words thousands of times before they get it right. Children don’t live in the past nor think of the future. They live completely in the present, and optimize the learning potential of each moment. They need to be fully engaged to learn and grow so that they can begin interacting with mommy and daddy in order to adapt their behaviour to obtain food, attention and the things that bring them pleasure.

But, gradually as we age and the way we live our lives, with rigid belief’s and patterns of behaviour and seeing the world which become “hard-wired’ in us, we become hard, brittle, rigid, calcified, physically and mentally, until we can move no more. When we stop moving, when motion ceases, we shrink all the way to death. When motion ceases, and your energy and magnetism, reaches zero, your life comes to an end, just like a dead red star.

To summarize, all life starts from infinity, infinite light energy. This is called Wuji – nothingness. From Wuji, springs Tai Chi, Yin and Yang, Fire and Water, and this infinite energy creates the planets. The cathode (positive, yang, masculine, fire) is the sun, and the anode (negative, yin, female, water) are the planets where life can grow. Over time these planets, begin to harden more and more, until the point at which they are totally hardened, have lost their magnetic field and their energy. Their water has completely dried up. Human Life follows the exact same process.

With age, as your water pathway dries up, dopamine levels, and kidney hormone energy declines, your bones become weaker, and your energy levels, and thus your magnetic field, which protects you just like the atmosphere protects the earth, becomes weaker. As a result, what was once a breeze in your twenties now seems much more difficult. Suddenly you are less resilient to stress, and less resilient to negative people, negative thoughts, negative emotions. Suddenly the adrenaline that was carrying you plummets, and it feels like everything comes crashing down. Fatigue sets in. Feelings of Depression creep in about your age, about life, about dreams unfulfilled. Not only that, when kidney power, and thus hormone and neurotransmitter levels fall, exercising and keeping weight off is more difficult. Moreover, when dopamine levels are low, people often feel stuck, and unable to break through in their personal and professional lives. High dopamine levels are the key to mood, motivation and action to create new and better patterns of behaviour. Physically, when your energy drops, your mass increases, as per einstein’s mass equivalence.

It all boils down to this:

No water, No Life. When your water dries you become a dying red star, that enlarges and continues to lose energy, as you decline to death. The most important places in your body begin to fail. Your hearing, memory, focus, thinking all go by the way-side. Your bones become brittle, knees and hips become weak, and you are susceptible to falling, which is one of the biggest dangers for elderly people. Your Kidneys, your life essence, you battery packs, begin to fail, and hormones levels and neurotransmitters fall off a cliff. As a result, both your brain gets slower, and your body weaker and fatter.

In TCM, Water creates Wood. Trees are created out of thin air and water. Kidney Energy creates Liver Energy. So as your kidney water channel dries up, your liver begins to fail. Your liver and your kidneys are your two major detoxification organs. These two organs play huge roles controlling both “the charge” of your cell batteries, your redox potential, and your detoxification power. A high redox potential and detoxification power, is way more important than worrying about what you put into your body. The system is the solution.  Since your liver controls ligaments and tendons, as liver energy declines, both ligaments and tendons begin to tighten, harden and weaken. A principle in TCM, is that by lengthening your ligaments by 1 inch, you ADD 10 years to your life. Why? Because you keep your body soft and flexible. The softer, and more flexible you are, the less hardened you are, and thus the longer your life will continue.

So how do we keep our Water Pathway Super-Strong? 

1. Minimize all forms of worry, stress, anxiety, and excessive fire. Excessive Fire, Emotional Reactivity, Inflammatory foods, Inflammatory emotions, evaporate the water. Anger, resentment, stress, all burn up the Liver and Liver Energy is what creates water energy.

2. Extreme Yang. Extreme Yin. Bursts of Extreme High Intensity Exercise, with complete relaxation.

3. Tai Chi & Specific Qigong Exercises – A Tai Chi Master flows like the clouds, flows like water, completely soft, but infinitely powerful.

Dancing and Motion is water.  If you’re anxious and peeing all the time it’s because your kidneys are too Yang, and have to much fire. Exercise, dancing, movement, especially in nature are great ways to build water. Movement and Motion is water.

4. Consume lot’s of Raw Greens & Salads with Spring Water. Greens and Water create “Qi” energy. Why is there so much war, fighting and inflammatory emotions and behaviour in the middle east? Absence of Greens and Water which create “Qi”.

5. Qigong Emptiness Meditation. Complete Emptiness, meditation. It is only when we completely empty the mind and the body, that we can completely synchronize and drink from the reservoir of infinite energy in the universe.

I’ve already launched a couple videos which show you some the exercises, principles and practices you want to do, to keep your water pathway strong to increase your mental power, hormone power and longevity. See The Game Changer Workout on youtube.
Follow this game plan, perform these practices and watch your energy, vitality and brainpower skyrocket. Ultimately, when you develop strong Life Energy, you become like water. Water is infinitely soft and infinitely flexible. But water is infinitely powerful. Water can cut through steel. 

  “Water gives life, and water is what takes away life.” 

All life on planet earth evolved from the Oceans. The Oceans are what gave us life and they are what will take away life. The entire ecosystem on the earth depends on the Ocean. The Marine seafood chain is intimately linked to land animals through photosynthesis and the generation of Oxygen. Loss of oxygen production by plankton and algae will affect all mammals and animals that use oxygen. For all humans, oxygen is our life blood.

All mammals use oxygen to accept electrons in our mitochondria, to be able to control and use Light. We are all beings of Light.

So this boils down to the question:  

How Brightly do you want to shine?

 To grow or not to grow? 

How badly do you want to keep your brain, body and entire being, which is a universe in and of itself, expanding, growing, evolving?

Or or you the person who chooses to make excuses, complaints, and reasons why you are shrinking, contracting and hardening?

Why is the Universe so Infinite and Powerful? Motion. It never stops moving.

What is motion? Water. 

What is fundamental to Life? Water. 

You can always move yourself to a better person, a better brain, a better body. But you must choose to do so. What better time than now? 

Life Mastery 1 – Energy & Magnetism

The Surprisingly Simple Secret to Becoming an Attractive Magnet for the People, Profits, Opportunity, and Lover you Desire.

“All life is energy and energy is Life” 

– Einstein

The name of the game of life is energy. A human with no energy is called a cadaver. Life ends when your energy is completely gone. But life is lightened, brightened and created from energy. Look at the sun. On the first day God said let there be light. From a Black-Hole, which is complete emptiness, just pure infinite potential energy, Fire and Water, Yin and Yang are created, and thus the stars, planets and all of life is born.

The primary principle of my upcoming books, and all the work I do is Energy and Magnetism. The Magic Potion to creating Miracles and a Magical Life is Life Energy. But, building this Life Energy requires you to follow a Magical Process on a daily basis. The magical process has many different components and there are many different ways to develop this Life Energy. I’ve studied physics and learned about energy and magnetism, but it’s not until I started practicing Qigong & Tai Chi and learning these Ancient Sciences that I realized how powerful Energy and Magnetism truly are and how they apply to everything in this world, including you and me. I studied physics and learned about the planets and the universe, entirely missing how everything applies to us human beings. I had yet to make the connections, and the way science is so specialized, it was certainly to up to myself to see the bigger scheme of things. However, through learning and practicing Qigong and Tai Chi for over the past 2 years, I’ve realized that the two simple secrets to becoming an attractive, magnetic force for People, Opportunities and Desirable Partners are Energy & Magnetism

The Principle of Everything I do & the Principle of Qigong is Building Energy & Magnetism

Let’s make this simple …

Are you not having luck with relationships and attracting your desired type of partner into your life?

The problem isn’t the world and lack of opportunity, the problem is that you haven’t changed and increased your energy to become a magnet for the type of partner you’re seeking. Love is based on magnetism and energy. You attract the type of people who are resonating at the frequencies you are putting out. You synchronize, entrain, resonate and become one with them.  The same thing happens on championship teams in pro sports when a team is completely united and synchronized.

In your relationships, are there certain people that you just love talking to? Are there certain people who you can literally finish their sentences and know what they’re going to say before they say it? Are there certain people that just light you up inside and make you feel warm and fuzzy? Do you wish that your partner would be that person? 

Here is what you need to know: The stronger your energy, the stronger your magnetic field, and the more you will pull similar high-energy, loving, bright, positive people into your life. Equally important, with a strong energy and magnetic field, you’ll repel, negative, low-energy, toxic people away from you. Just like the earth’s atmosphere protects us from solar radiations, while allowing the health-promoting, healing rays of the sun in. So when you’re energy becomes powerful and positive, the people that will remain and be allowed into your life will be your true friends and people that genuinely love you.

So do want to seamlessly attract the type of partner with all the beautiful qualities you desire? 

The most important first step is to elevate your energy to a high-place, activate and send-out to the world the energy of your highest self. Become a person of bounty and beauty, like the Earth, with a stronger protective magnetic field, rather than Mars a lonely, dead red desert, with no magnetic field.

You see, the secret is surprisingly simple: Energy. 

Why is Energy so Important? 

By increasing your life energy, the energy flowing through your cells and the channels in your body, you increase your magnetic field and magnetism. A magnetic field is created at 90 degrees to the energy flows in your body. The more energy that flows through you, the stronger and more powerful the magnetic field that you will create. This magnetic field radiates outwards into the environment. The stronger your magnetic field the more positive, powerful people, with similar magnetic fields, you will attract. Likes attract. At the same time, with a more powerful magnetic field you will repel negative people and negative things away from you. Your magnetic field will protect you from outside influences like Man-Made high-level EMF and protect you from high-UV radiations from the sun and atmosphere, while allowing you to absorb all the sun’s healthy, healing rays. A strong magnetic field will protect you just like the Earth’s Atmosphere protects the Earth.

In fact this is why there is Life on Earth but not on Mars. Mars once may have had life, water and mountains, but over time it cooled and lost it’s magnetic field. Mars has no electro-magnetic field to protect it from solar radiations and external forces. As a result, Mars is a Dead Red Desert. As you can see, every process in the universe is replicated in you. You just haven’t made the connections yet. The human body is a universe in it’s own right. 

So just like a planet, the stronger your magnetic field is, the stronger you will hold onto your outer atmosphere to protect you from external forces. With a strong magnetic field, there won’t be a big donut hole in your atmosphere like there is above the Earth’s Atmosphere in Australia, which would allow negative influences into your life. This is why rates of Cancer and Autoimmunity are much higher in Australia. You want your magnetic field, robust and impervious to negative external influences, to create beauty and bounty in your life. With your magnetic field strong, you’ll have increased protection against the invisible but insidious man-made EMF, which continues to bombard our bodies, and is only going to increase in intensity. As people become sicker, weaker and more stressed, your magnetic field will repel, low-energy, toxic, cancerous people from your life. Your magnetic field will allow the good sun-light to be absorbed into your cells, and block higher UV radiations, just like the Earth’s atmosphere. Thus, the sun will quickly become your best friend, not a foe, like mainstream industry has tricked you to believe. In relationships, a strong magnetic field, will quickly repel negative people, and weed away the people who are not truly your friends. In personal relationships, a strong magnetic field will increase your attraction with your lover if your love and connection is sincere, or repel them away if it isn’t. In this way, your energy will save you the drama and trauma that happens in most relationships, giving you immense clarity and certainty as to whether your partner is right for you. And no matter what the case, your strong energy and magnetism will give you the power to act with courage.

When people have low levels of energy and are stressed, they have a very hard time making decisions, and make very poor decisions. I’m sure you’ve had the experience when you’re hurrying, worrying and stressed, making decisions can become overwhelming right? When we’re energy-depleted, we live in our lives in fear and lack the power to change things for the better. When your energy is low, you attract, low energy thoughts, ideas, and people into your life, which continue to make the world look gloomy. You listen to the radio, watch the news, and all your brain can see and remember are the traumas, the suicides, the car accidents and eventually, you’ll be a victim of similar negative events due to the negative people, thoughts, and events that you bring into your life. The biggest tragedy is that so many people, live in this low-energy world, and so repel all the high-energy people and opportunities away from them. Low-Energy people push away all the things that they need and are hoping for. Your mind may be your biggest enemy. And quickly people can live what Einstein called the saddest life possible – One without a Dream. 

If you’re energy depleted and the world does look dark, it looks filled with doom and gloom. This is because in a low-energy state that is all your brain is attracting and can see. But the Ancient law of Yin and Yang or better known as Einsteins’s Relativity, proves that with darkness, comes light.

So what are the Surprisingly Simple Secret Steps to lighten and brighten our lives, to take ourselves out of the darkness to start attracting the positive, powerful, people and opportunities which will every day, bring us closer and closer to our dreams ???

The Simple Secret Formula to attract the People, Power, Profits, Opportunity, and Lover you Desire:

*** These are just a few of the many steps to becoming a Magnetic force. But I’m giving you these simple steps first because they alone with transform you into a force of nature. They alone will bring bounty, beauty and opportunity to your life.


  1. High-Intensity Exercise Intervals with complete relaxation exercises in between. See The Game Changer Workout. 
  2. Qigong & Tai Chi. These are the Optimal Disciplines for Developing Energy & Magnetism. Twisting & turning flush out physical scar tissue, debris, plaque and emotional toxins stored in the body. Yoga is good too.
  3. Meditation – at least 15 minutes a day. Progress to complete emptiness meditation, but use transcendental meditation to firmly seed powerful thoughts in your conscious mind. Form a picture of your dream in your mind at the beginning of your meditation. Then drop into silence. This will get your infinite sub-conscious mind working on finding the solutions for you. You don’t have to consciously do a thing. Ideally meditate in the AM sunlight, barefoot, connected to the ground. Ideally meditate grounded on the earth, before bed.
  4. Super-Sleep – Morning or Afternoon work-out, and meditation before bed will get you sleeping like a baby. Avoid all Blue light technology (computer screens and T.V.) after 8 pm. Wear blue-light blocking glasses if working on a computer in the evening.
  5. TCM Acupuncture – Easy way to develop “Qi” energy, and get energy flowing through body channels. If you’re in Toronto, my Sifu Paul Ng, is the best in North America.
  6. Massage


  1. Brain Training like Neurofeedback or Meditation with Brain-Wave Entrainment, Bioenergetic Entrainment technologies like Iawake. If your meditation practice is advanced, complete emptiness meditation or transcendental meditation on its own is great.
  • High-DHA Seafood and Wild Fish, Healthy Fats & Moderate Protein Diet, with unlimited greens and non-starchy vegetables & seasonal carbohydrates.
  • Unlimited Green Vegetables, Wild Greens, Super-food greens like Wheatgrass, Spirulina, Chlorella.
  • Tonic Herbs – in tinctures, powders in Super-Brain Beverages, in soups, and teas.
  • Super-Brain Berries – Goji, Schizandra, Blue-berries, Black-berries, black raspberries, strawberries, Camu Camu berries.
  • Superfoods like Cacao (Chocolate & Maca).
  • At least one Super-Juice a Day (adjust vegetables to time of year & your existing conditions)
  • Wild Spring Water (ideally) or Non-fluoridated Water. Reverse Osmosis and Alkaline water is good.
  • Spice up your Brain with the following Mood & Memory Enhancing, Dopamine-boosting spices: Rosemary, Ginger, Black Pepper & Basil. Basil, Cilantro, Oregano are fantastic chelating agents (metal removers). I recommend consuming the micro-greens of spices like Basil and Cilantro. Also, for the pure light energy and photonic power of the plants, essential oils are great way to electrify your cells and thus your brain and body.


There are two Ingredients to Life & Power:



The first step of Emotional & Spiritual Mastery is:

Learning and Loving. Learning comes first for a reason.

The opposite of Learning is Fear. People fear and are jealous and envious of things they’re scared of and can’t control. Rather than learning and expanding, most people choose to put up walls and guards around their current beliefs, and spend all their energy defending what they know, rather than seeking to grow.

The opposite of Love is Greed. In relationships, people get greedy and marry for money. People get greedy for sex and lust, and so sacrifice love, connection and the integrity of their relationships. In other ways, people get greedy and indulge in extravagances, liking eating too much food, too much television and brain-busting activities, and neglect to love their bodies.

Fear and Greed are both low-energy states of Dis-ease.

Raise your Energy and Greed and Fear Disappear.

In Qigong, when your Kidney, Jing, Life essence and Hormone power is strong, you don’t get duped into greed, you don’t do evil things to others, you don’t pursue too much sex or sacrifice the love with your partner, by seeking others. You’re genuinely loving and powerful. You are fulfilled with everything you have. You make all actions out of love, because your lower-level needs are fulfilled.

When your “Qi”, Energy is strong you don’t need to eat very much. This is why North Americans eat so much food, especially processed food because they are chronically in a low energy state, and the food they’re eating has little to no, real energy.

Lastly, when your Spirit is strong you don’t need to sleep very much. Raising your Spirit is the real key to Super-Sleep, not much of the “bio-hacking” nonsense on the internet.

Above, I mentioned that Learning comes first before loving for a reason. In fact, love is our eternal, natural state that we are made of. But in our human experience, learning is the key to discovering true, pure love. The learning shapes the love that you see and experience. Some people in the world learn that love is killing and hatred. No one can deny that these people experience love, it’s just that the love they experience is tainted by what they have learned.

We use learning as the tool to discovering and creating pure love in our life – with ourselves, with others and with the world.

Follow the simple steps to Body Mastery, Brain Mastery, Learn and Love, and you will quickly become a magnetic, attractive force. What will follow is more health, wealth and opportunity than you can possibly imagine. Everything I write about, I’ve experience firsthand. I’ve witnessed similar experiences in others who’ve followed this simple secret formula to create the life they desire.

I am opening the door to a universe of constant growth, expansion and elevation in what you can Be, Do, and Become. It’s time for you to step into the game, and start becoming the Attractive Magnet you are designed to be.

Transforming Your Body – The Best Form of Exercise, How to Build Your Bones & Turn Around Arthritis & Autoimmunity

With so much information on how to get slim and trim, why is it that people have such difficulty losing weight and transforming their body? 

Why may you look great on the outside, but be destroyed in the inside? Are you setting yourself up for an early death with the way you’re exercising? 

What really is the best form of exercise? 

Are the right forms of exercise the key to building strong bones, and energizing and balancing your immune system? 

In this blog post I reveal the most powerful ways to develop both internal and external power to transform your body, and help you lose weight and feel great. I draw on my experience training olympic athletes and working as a personal trainer helping some people lose over 100 pounds in as little as 6 months, and on all the knowledge and wisdom I’ve acquired as a Disciple of the Shaolin Temple, to give you the simple, but infinitely powerful process to building a better body.

First, I explain the optimal type of exercise you should be doing, and then show you how to re-build and repair damaged shoulders, elbows, knees, ligaments and tendons. Whether you’re a pro athlete or causal tennis or baseball player, I teach you the fundamentals to strengthening your entire body – tissues, tendons, ligaments, muscles and building bones. In the process, I explain why people shrink and lose bone density with age, and succumb to osteoarthritis and other autoimmune conditions. Following this, I give you the simple solutions to build your bones and ligaments and build a better immune system. Implementing the exercises and protocols I reveal below, many of my clients are quickly turning around autoimmune conditions and arthritis.

Finally, at the very end I share with you an infinite piece of wisdom, which is the key to infinite power. This is the secret of the universe. 

So … 

What Type of Exercise should you be doing for your Brain, Body & Longevity? 

When it comes to health, longevity, cognition and personal power, the life energy in your vital organs is absolutely critical. A problem with nearly all conventional exercise approaches is that they only emphasize the external movements, and often breakdown rather than build-up your vital organs and inner power. Most people are simply stressing themselves out more with the way they exercise.

We’ve all seen those people, who with the very best intentions, spend hours upon hours on the cardio machine and look exactly the same, year after year.  So rather than stressing a body that is already inflamed, swollen and overwhelmed with stress with more time on the elliptical machine, which is only going to raise cortisol levels, inflammation and swelling even higher, perhaps we should do things that work.

The optimal way to exercise to increase your power and life energy is the proper balance between developing internal and external power. Tai Chi & Qigong are huge for building Internal Power. Yoga is beneficial as well. What we need in this world is more internal power, not more external power.  With the rates of Autoimmunity, Arthritis and Cancer, already skyrocketing what we don’t want to do is completely plough through our stem cells by depleting our vital organs day after day with an imprudent approach in the gym. How do most people get through their work outs anyways? With huge amounts of caffeine, pre-workout drinks and other energy drinks which completely destroy your internal engine over the long-term. Not to mention they completely fry your brain … more on that to come.

When it comes to exercise, you have to balance breaking down the body, with building up your internal organ power.

In our world we are tight, tense and stressed enough, simply stressing and tensing the body more is not a good idea.

Conventional physical fitness is all external. This is why Cross-Fit Athletes and Body Builders, and other types of Athletes may look externally fit, but are internally broken down, sick, acidic, and depleting their organs. There is a reason why body-builders, and NFL players die young.

Looking at nature and using her as our research assistant, the same relationship occurs in stars. Stars that shine brightly with higher-energy blue light die faster. On the other hand, Red Giant Stars last for trillions of years. Likewise Weight Lifters and NFL players who act like blue/white stars die younger, since they burn through their life energy much faster.

The key is not to take away a person’s high-energy and light, but to always be moving back and forth between periods of shining and burning as brightly as we can, like a Blue Star, and periods of building and storing potential energy to keep our bank account of energy high, keeping our star shining brightly for a long time.

I absolutely love cross-fit type work-outs, they are invigorating, primal type exercises, but as we said, what is missing is the development of internal power. I not only want to perform at my very best, I want to sustain this high-level of performance throughout my entire life. I don’t want to be a vegetable when I’m 60 years old and die when I’m 65. Are you with me? 

So Stacking the Deck we want to do Cross-Fit and Tai Chi, Sprinting and Yoga, Weight Lifting and Qigong. Running and Meditation. Also, follow extremely intense weight lifting sessions with with a complete emptiness meditation afterwards, to consolidate all the energy and let your nervous system re-wire all the patterns of activity you stimulated during your work-out.

Likewise, when it comes to your job and work, work with full intensity for 4 days of the week, and then build in a rejuvenation, creative day with message, meditation, tai chi practice, creative thinking, and big-picture brainstorming.

From extreme relaxation springs extraordinary power, and from extraordinary intensity springs complete relaxation. The key is to not waste any time in the middle.

Kinetic energy (movement) builds Potential energy (stored energy), and by building Potential Energy (meditation) more powerful Kinetic Energy will manifest. It’s a self-fulfilling cycle either for the better or the worse.

As mentioned, we need to build both internal and external power. The extreme in the opposite direction of the conventional western approach would be some groups of Monks who only meditate, and perform no vigorous, Yang-type activities, and so their physical bodies become very weak. Mind, Brain, Body, Spirit, it’s all one, so you should never neglect a particular aspect of your being, otherwise it will be a weak link in the chain, which will continue to hold you back. 

A Philosophy of Tai Chi is to “defeat a thousand pounds with four ounces”

But first you need to build a thousand pounds of power. This is why moderate amounts of extreme HIIT and weight lifting is recommended. Extreme Yang creates Extreme Yin. 

This is how you generate energy – moving back and forth between kinetic energy and potential energy. Exercise is important to create Kinetic Energy, which can be stored as potential energy.

The more Stored Potential Energy, the more High Intensity Exercise you can Do.

I always recommend to elite athletes and people who exercise to perform a meditation immediately after working out to consolidate the energy they created. There is a window of time immediately after your work-out where the energy gains from your meditation are highest. Wait to long, and you lose some of the energy to the environment. You want to store it.

Weight Lifting is important because proper toning and external strength must be developed alongside internal power. Or if you prefer, you can do the extreme Yang Qigong Exercises like the Tiger Claws or 8 pieces of silk to develop external strength and muscle tone, instead of weight lifting. (see The Game Changer Work-Out Video & the Increase Your Focus. Heal Your Body Video on Youtube). 

To summarize, Extreme Yang Exercises are when you are moving and expelling energy with full force. Extreme Yin Exercises are when you are storing and accumulating potential energy. The more silent and still your body and mind, the more energy you accumulate during the Extreme Yin phase.

How do Tai Chi & Qigong completely transform your Joints, Tissues, Tendons & Spine?

The youthening, rejuvenating and decalcifying squeezing and twisting of the spine and joints with qigong and tai chi, liberates energy flow throughout the entire body. These circular and spiral movements break up stagnation in the body and flush out scar tissue and calcification. Squeezing and twisting your muscles has a similar effect of twisting a dirty washcloth – it cleanses and drains away toxins, clearing out your lymphatic system and cleansing your cardiovascular system.

Also, Tai Chi and Qigong are like DW40 for your joints, spine and ligaments, and keep your body running like a well-oiled machine.

The KLEENEX trick.

Taught to me by my Sifu (Master) Paul Ng. 

Grab a kleenex, and if you yank it, you’ll see that it’s easily ripped. But when you twist and twist the kleenex, it becomes strong and difficult to rip. The same result occurs with twisting your body with tai chi and qigong. Over time the twisting and turning movements completely transform your body, making it become extremely strong and powerful, building tendon, ligament, organ power, and ultimately building Chi  “Life Energy”. This is far different than weight lifting. Ultimately with practice, the energy will begin to flow through your body with lightening speed, and your senses, reflexes and movements will move at the speed of light. Using Qi energy, a Tai Chi Master can completely disable any person, no matter how big in one shot. Of course, this power can be used for good or bad. To heal or harm. Yin and Yang. Of course, we want to use this power to first heal our body’s and then help heal others.


If you’ve been doing lot’s of steady-state cardio, cutting calories, you may have been relatively successful losing some weight. But the problem with this approach is that you have no freedom, no room for error. Rather than restricting, we want to build, enhance and upgrade your engine, so that your metabolism is much stronger and you burn through energy more easily.

Right now your body and metabolism may be the equivalent of a Honda Civic, and your gas tank capacity may be 50 litres/13 gallons.

Instead of continuing to run with your Honda Civic, and perhaps throw in nitric oxide with stimulants, pre-work-out drinks and chemical nootropics to get by through your work-outs, what you want to do is upgrade your engine by trading in your Honda Civic for a Ferrari, which has 12 cylinders and a 120 litre/33 gallon gas tank.

The main reason you want to do this is because with the bigger gas tank you can put in more fuel without gaining weight. You can eat more without gaining fat. With the Honda civic any fuel you put into your car beyond 40 litres will result in gas spilling out or in your body, causing fat to over-flow in the liver and then accumulate on your waist. With a Ferrari Gas Tank you have up to 120 litres of room in your tank, and so do not have to worry about fat over-flowing. You can have a piece of cake for dessert at a party without feeling guilty. The ideal approach to eating increases your body’s capacity to give you more leeway, and doesn’t decrease it, like most diets do. You always want to expand your threshold of control. And the person who has the body able to burn through excess food seamlessly, is not going to have to stress about calories or worry, which will only make fat gain worse. You can enjoy eating more!

I’m sure you know of those people who can eat virtually whatever they want and never gain weight. Well these people may simply have more efficient hormonal systems, and an increased metabolic rate so at the end of day and during the course of the night their body burns off all excess energy and calories as free heat. Seems almost unfair, yes? If you have always been envious of these people and love eating, you can finally become one of them. 

Above, I mentioned pre-workouts, stimulants and nootropics, which are essentially like putting nitric oxide in your brain and body. While they may give you a short-term boost, the problem is that in the long-term they fry your brain. Relying on chemicals and supplements is never a Front-Line strategy. Instead, want you want to do is implement the fundamental practices to completely transform your brain and body, so that your cruise control is way faster and more powerful than others Honda Civic brain’s’ & body’s even if they are on Uppers, and chemicals.

“Whenever there is a synthetic way, there is a natural way that is superior.”

– MasterMind 

Repairing Your Body, Building Your Bones & Turning Around Autoimmune Conditions like Arthritis 

In Qigong, different parts of the body are differentiated by how easy or difficult they are to repair. Some parts of your body are very precious – once you destroy them, you are at a greater disadvantage.

First, the Shoulders are Gold. Their health is very precious and difficult to restore, once they’ve been chronically damaged. Beware of tightening and destroying your shoulders with imprudent weight lifting. Your shoulders are involved in every body movement – walking, running, and getting up and down. Don’t be one of those people who throw on stupid amounts of weight on the Bench Press and are one of those “momentum movers”. For building muscle it’s all about the muscular contraction anyways, stimulating and tearing those fibres, with sufficient time under tension until you get to the magical final last rep before failure, when your body recruits all fast and slow twitch fibres as an emergency means to get weight up. For strength, speed and growth, you want to do a cadence (speed) of 5 seconds on the decline (eccentric), and explode on the concentric. For full muscular growth perform a speed of 5 seconds decline (eccentric), and 5 seconds on the incline (concentric). A sufficient amount of time under tension, and slow, controlled movement is what builds tremendous muscle, tendon and ligament power. This type of weight lifting increases your enzymatic ability to clear acid from your muscles and increases the speed and amount of and oxygen and blood that your heart delivers to your extremities. Contrary to conventional belief, weight lifting is fantastic cardiovascular exercise, especially when you lift weights in a controlled, intelligent manner.

While the shoulders are gold, and are the hardest to fix when damaged, the Hips are Silver and the Belly is Iron. Iron is the most common, and the easiest to fix and find. Shedding that belly, and building an Iron Tummy is the easiest. If you’ve always been searching for that six-packed, rest assured they are the easiest to find! Fixing your shoulders which are Gold is much more difficult.  If you’re an MLB level pitcher, or want to go to the big leagues, or are a tennis player or golfer battling shoulder and elbow issues, the Qigong exercises are tremendous at repairing and building your tendons and ligaments. Qigong and Tai Chi exercises flush out calcification and scar tissue in the shoulders, elbows, joints and spinal cord. When combined with specific herbs and brainpower foods which are extremely anti-inflammatory, healing and regeneration can be rapid. I used to be a baseball player and developed terrible rotator cuff issues. Now my shoulder is completely healed and stronger than ever. All the scar tissue and the clicks and clunks I used to have in my shoulder are gone. Doing Qigong exercises I’ve strengthened and lengthened my ligaments and gained an extra inch of height, going from 6’2 to now easily 6’3. A famous Tai Chi principle is that for every inch you lengthen your ligaments, you add ten years to your life. Just think, why do many WW2 veterans live long lives?  Perfectly erect posture. These veterans stand like a pine tree, and so don’t get brittle and worn down to the ground, like your typical bend-over grandma or grandpa.

As taught to me by my Qigong Master you want to:

  1. Stand like a Pine Tree
  2. Sit like a Bell
  3. Walk like the Wind
  4. Sleep like a Shrimp

As it relates to posture, why is it that people shrink with age? Why do bones and ligaments deteriorate with age for most people? Is calcium the key for bones or is there much more to the story? Do I recommend calcium supplements, or are they a really bad idea? 

The real reason why people shrink with age is because of 2 things:

1. Water pathway dries up – Bones are water. Bone density declines with age when your water dries up. By practicing qigong, tai chi and meditating, you nourish your water channel, and so increase bone strength and density. People talk about calcium for bones, which isn’t the main issue. The key is keeping your water pathway strong. The number one reason why bones and osteoporosis occurs is due to stress and inflammation, which depletes your kidneys and water channel. Bone is made up of primarily of Collagen (protein) and calcium appatite crystals. Stress un-zips and destroys collagen and causing acidic changes in the body which leach calcium out of your bones. 

For Bone Health: Consume lot’s of organic calcium from green vegetables, like wheatgrass and broccoli. One of the best sources of calcium are fish bones, such as those in sockeye salmon. Just think, look how huge and strong a cow’s teeth and bones are … what is the one thing cow’s eat that gives them their bone strength? 

        Green Grass, which is loaded with calcium.  Lot’s of green grass and spring water is what creates “Qi”, life energy, which  will rejuvenate and strengthen your bones.

2.  Liver is Destroyed by stress. The liver is the element Wood, and is critical to the immune system and ligament strength. When our liver is week and broken down, our ligaments and tendons become weakened and we become susceptible to injuries, such as tearing a knee meniscus, rotator cuff, or elbow. Stress, inflammatory foods, inflammatory and reactive emotions, a stressful job and physically stressful environments with too much EMF, Wifi, Blue Light, all increase “FIRE” in the body and over-heat your heart. The excess stress burns up your liver and in the process destroys your immune system and ligaments. This is why in our modern world, as the stressors increase, the liver gets more and more destroyed and autoimmune conditions, arthritis and inflammatory gut problems all are skyrocketing. Wood is associated with growing stages of life. The beginning of spring and the beginning of the day are Wood periods. The Liver, Wood, represents the major organ channel which grows and develops our life energy. When our liver works well, we think critically and take charge of business, growing and expanding. If you feel stuck in your life, feel caught in vicious circles, or continue to wait for the breakthroughs that never come,  it is due to a deficiency of Liver Energy. Like a strong rooted tree, when our liver energy is strong we feel rooted and growing upward and outward expanding our abilities. For people with weak livers, they will have joint and spinal problems. Just like a tree, without a strong liver, you won’t have a strong trunk. Ultimately, decision-making is major ability that deteriorates when your Liver energy is weak. 

I’m sure you can re-call many instances how difficult it is to make decisions when stressed. Also think of all the bad decisions people make when stressed. 

With that said, the key to Brain and Bone Health is a strong Kidney Water Channel and a Strong Liver Wood Channel.

The Qigong and Tai Chi exercises are extraordinary at building the these vital organ channels. The kidneys and the Liver are two main detoxification organs critical to longevity. 

Implementing the Qigong and Tai Chi Exercises, which build internal bone and ligament power, many of my clients are beginning to turn around their Osteoporosis and Osteoarthritis. (See The Game Changer Work-out video or simply perform any of the Qigong and Tai Chi exercises you’ll find in any of my videos.)

To Summarize The Main Bone Builders:

  1. Greens – organic calcium
  2. Seafood – fish bones
  3. Mineral rich Superfoods like Chocolate – rich in magnesium, zinc, vital to bone growth.
  4. Bone Broths and Seafood Broths
  5. Qigong & Exercises
  6. Meditation.

Lastly, to answer the question on Calcium: I do not recommend calcium supplements at all. Calcium is an excretion, an end-product once an organism has calcified and died. You want to consume organic calcium, with all the other critical bone minerals like magnesium and phosphorous in foods like green vegetables, green grasses, and seafood.

Finally let’s end with a piece of infinite wisdom … 

The Universe is infinite … why?  Motion. Isaac Newton said that an object in motion will stay in motion. For this reason for human beings to thrive we must be in constant motion. The worst thing we can do is sit still as we do in our modern life. We always want to be moving to maintain the movement, and keep the energy flowing through our body. Importantly, in life each day we want to be moving onto new and better things, continuing to grow and expand. The universe expands and then contracts, and we want to sustain our growth and expansion for as long as possible. As soon as we begin to contract, regress and close ourselves off, death is right around the corner. 

But what about sitting meditation? In sitting meditation when the body is very silent, internally the energy begins to flows at lightening speed throughout the entire body. Of course, it is a process of accumulating and developing the energy, through meditation that will eventually increase the speed and healing power of your internal energy.

So in meditation when the body is externally completely silent, and your mind completely empty, the internal motion actually increases. The more you can relax your body and empty your mind, the more the energy will flow. This is also why the highest form of meditation is complete emptiness, completely letting go of the mind and body, so that you can connect and become one with the energies of the universe.  As a disciple of the Shaolin temple this is the type of meditation that I practice. From complete emptiness, your energies can synchronize with the energies of the universe, giving you access to all the energy and information that resonates in the universe. This is how you tap into ideas, insights and information and become a genius. It’s not by reading book after book after book. Yes reading, learning and acquiring information is important to provide the pieces of information with which your brain can work from. However, becoming a genius, a visionary, a creator and enlightened, person and acquiring true power and wisdom, only comes when you elevate your energies and ability to synchronize with the intelligence of the universe. Then you can drink from the reservoir of infinite intelligence.

From complete emptiness springs extraordinary power. Complete external emptiness facilities tremendous internal energy flow. Yin and Yang. This is why meditation is associated with longevity, and organ healing and immune, nervous system and hormone re-balancing. The more silent you become, the more success you will have. Meditation is a the most beautiful mental shower when done correctly. Refreshing your mind, rejuvenating your brain, enlightening your spirit and elevating your Life Force, complete emptiness Meditation is the consummate life-changing practice.