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Its my mission to help you develop the most invaluable skill of all: CONTROL OVER YOUR OWN BRAIN. Is your brain running out of control with Anxiety, Stress, Depression, Unwanted Behaviours or patterns? Do you find yourself stuck with feelings and thoughts that prevent you from being the most focused, motivated, determined, happy person you can be? 

Using Neurolinguistic Programming, Hypnosis, QEEG Brain Imaging & Customized Neuroplasticity protocols I help individuals from executives & professional athletes to children with neurological disorders to re-program their mind and re-wire their brain to optimize their brain health, mental abilities and performance across the board.

“Chris Wyllie is the ultimate high performance, health and performance game changer. He truly walks the walk and helped me up level to my best health, body and brain ever! If you want results call Chris – The Game Changer.”     

Billinda PitaLife & Business Coach. Spiritual Teacher, Psychic Consultant, Energy Healer and Hypnotist

“He calls himself the Game-Changer, and I can truly say that Chris’s Self-Mastery, Brain and Performance Optimizing Strategies  bring Game-Changing improvements in Mental Performance, Physical Health and Success for people. Chris is pioneering and using the best science-backed information, strategies and practices to blaze a trail to Super-Health and Super-Performance.”

Dr. Peter DeShane, DC, HBSc

“The best part is that Chris gives you everything you need cross-discipline in an easy, actionable game-plan uniquely adapted to optimize your schedule, work and life circumstances. All the strategies make you feel so much better that you want to continue doing everything he recommends. When it comes to performance, productivity and health-enhancement Chris is among the best-of-the-best in the world. I highly encourage you to pursue Chris to see the many ways he can take your game and your business to the next level.”

Jon Ricci, CEO, Xafira Law

Chris Wyllie, The Brain Man, is the Leading Brain Educator and Brain Transformation Specialist. Through his seminars, practice, & trainings, Chris unites science and self-development with dynamic neuroplasticity approaches that produce rapid measurable improvements in brain health, brain function, mental and physical performance.

Chris’ mission is to take your brain function to its maximum capacity. Chris trains and teaches you the skills, strategies & technologies that enable you to take control of your own brain to overcome the things that have been holding you back – neurological problems, mental & emotional problems, anxiety, depression, lack of focus, memory & sleep problems, learning disabilities etc – and to optimize mental and cognitive abilities and become the most Focused, Highest-Performing, Best Person You can Be.

Chris transforms the brain via Neuroplasticity Training, Neurolinguistic Programming, Hypnosis, Brainpower Nutrition, Neurotechnologies, Brain Imaging & Customized Neuroplasticity Protocols. 

Chris has transformed his own brain and health, and has gone from extreme anxiety, panic attacks & addiction which led to him  being hospitalized, 30 pounds under-weight after 3 straight panic attacks, to now being “THE BRAIN MAN” as a Neuroplastician, and Master NLP Trainer.

For the past decade, Chris’ mission has been to learn how the brain works and how to optimize Brain Function. Chris works with corporations, professionals, professional teams, educational institutions, and brain and health enthusiasts who take his Neuro-plasticity High Performance Training & Coaching Programs and Seminars.

Chris is a Neuroplastician, Master Practitioner and Licensed Trainer of Neuro-lingusitic Programming, Hypnotist, and has been directly mentored by Dr. Richard Bandler, the Co-Creator of Neurolinguistic Programming. As well, Chris has trained with many Neuroscientists, especially in the field of neuro-technology, and has avidly learned from Neurosurgeons such as Dr. Jack Kruse.

Chris is extremely passionate about fitness, strength training, health and martial arts. Chris used to run his own personal training business, specializing in weight loss and sports performance. Chris is an official Disciple of Shaolin, and has learned Qigong, Tai Chi, both Yang-Style & Chen-Style Tai Chi, and Shaolin Kung Fu. Chris is a disciple of renowned Geomancy, Feng Shui, Qigong & Tai Chi master, Sifu Paul Ng. Chris has also been trained by internationally acclaimed Shaolin Monk, Sifu Miao Ying Shi. Chris also has practiced Wing Chun. Chris integrates Qigong, Tai Chi, Martial Arts, Strength Training and Fitness strategies & philosophy, in his personal life and in his work with clients.

Chris Wyllie has a Double Honours Degree in Cognitive Psychology and Economics from Western University.

In his professional work, Chris designs Proprietary Neuroplasticity Brain Optimization Programs combining QEEG Brain Imaging, Neuro-technologies, Brainpower Nutrition, Neuro-Linguistic Programming, Hypnosis, Neuroplasticity Exercises, healing modalities such as Hyperbaric Oxygen, as well as Strength Training, Fitness, Health recommendations into precise programs, uniquely customized to optimize the brain function and performance of professional athletes, Entrepreneurs, Executives, Students and individuals with Neurological, Mental & Emotional disorders.

Chris brings complex science and disciplines into simple, understandable teachings, strategies and practices that optimize your Brain, your Health, your Life, NOW. Build the best brain possible.


1. ELITE HIGH PERFORMERS – individuals motivated to optimize Brain Function, Focus, Energy, Willpower Executive Function & Creativity, such as Entrepreneurs, Executives, Sales, Marketing Professionals, Lawyers, Financial Experts, Professional Athletes and Artists and Creators.

2.  Individuals with Neurological Disorders such as Autism, ADHD, Alzheimer’s, Concussion, Epilepsy, Mental and Emotional Disorders, such as Anxiety, Depression, OCD, BPD, and people with Fears, Phobias and Behavioural Problems, and Physical Disorders such as autoimmune and inflammatory disorders.

The Game Changer is the One-Stop Brain & Health Transformation Destination. Chris is the man people go to for the NEXT-LEVEL of Brain & Mind Control & Elite Performance. 


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Chris’ mission is to push the limits of Brain Optimization, Health and Performance to see what the Human Brain, Mind and Body are capable of.


The Art & Science of SuperHuman Performance

The Art & Science of Human Performance Optimization

Personal Note from Chris Wyllie: My Story and How I Transformed Myself. 

Hello everyone, for the past six years I’ve been on a mission to learn everything possible about HOW THE BRAIN WORKS and How to Optimize the Brain. My entire life, I’ve suffered from severe anxiety and panic attacks. I’ve always been a TRIPLE Type-A individual, and my anxiety and rigidity continued to escalate until I experience complete breakdown of my brain and body. In third year university, I was hospitalized, 30 pounds under-weight and completely emaciated, after three straight panic attacks, out-of control behaviour, stimulant abuse and many harmful behaviours.

I always thought I wanted to become a lawyer and go to Harvard Law & MBA – this was my image of success. With a 4.9 GPA in third year university, number one in all of Western University, I had a full-ride scholarship to graduate schools such as Harvard lined up. However, the pressure, the anxiety, panic, emotional instability, and pressure quickly spiralled out of control.

My entire life I’ve been a naturalist, passionate about nutrition, health, fitness, personal training (I ran my own personal training business starting when he was 16, designing nutrition plans and training regimens, helping people lose over 100 lbs as well as training professional athletes). However, after my 2nd straight panic attack on my 2nd LSAT exam, I felt desperate. After years of saying “no to drugs” and declining the attempts of my upper-year friends, who were medical school and Neuroscience Graduate students, I finally decided to give stimulants, Ritalin, a try.

Stimulants were exact opposite of what I needed, and sent my brain over-board. In fact, my friends ended up giving me 4X the recommended dosage, which completely messed up Dopamine levels, and over time deteriorated my Prefrontal Cortex and Executive Function as later seen on Brain Imaging Scans. The stimulant use and abuse, coupled with Anxiety, Panic and Behavioural Inflexibility, led to out of control behaviours, which eventually culminated in several panic attacks and me  hospitalized.

After my last anxiety attack, I can remember it clear as day, at 5 am in the morning in the hospital bed, I asked myself, “What the heck am I doing here?”, and I saw in my mind, all the stupid things I was doing and putting myself through and I finally reached that “ENOUGH is ENOUGH” Point. At that moment, I decided to pursue my true passions with full force – which is the Brain, Mind , Health & Consciousness. I left the hospital the next day and changed my degree from an Honours Specialization in Economics to double degree in Economics and Neuroscience and began devouring information about how to optimize my brain.

I immediately began learning about the science of Neuroplasticity, realizing how “plastic” and changeable the Brain is. I started learning about different forms of brain imaging, and using brain imaging technologies such as EEGs and QEEG Brain Mapping to Quantify the benefits of different Brain-Optimization Interventions such as BRAINPOWER NUTRITION Diet Plans, Neurofeedback Training, Mind & Accelerated Learning Practices and measuring the effects of specific foods, herbs and nootropics on the brain. I began designing hundreds of Brain-Optimization Regimens for university students, elderly populations, athletes and individuals with Neurological and Mental Disorders. I learned about many different neuro-technologies, and started testing and measuring their effects on different types of people. I dove deep into accelerated learning, memory, brain nutrition and began learning Qigong and Tai Chi to transform my Body and Energy. Immediately, I started using all the knowledge I was learning to Take Control of my Brain and skyrocket my emotional control, learning, memory, and performance. My transformation was so profound, it drew the attention of everyone around me, and people started flocking to me like crazy. In fourth year university, I had over one hundred fellow students, colleagues and clients seeking my advice and coaching on Brain, Learning, Memory, Brain Nutrition Optimization Game Plans. 

In terms of learning, my philosophy is always to “go to the source” as much as possible. I started developing relationships with and  learning from the most distinguished Neurosurgeons and Neuroscientists, and experts of The Brain, Mind & Health. I’m now mentored by the Dr. Richard Bandler, the Einstein of the Mind, Creator of Neurolinguistic Programming. Dr. Bandler, is a mathematician who studied the most successful therapists, hypnotists and doctors who “got results” for clients and actually made them better, and systematized everything that the best therapists did which worked, and thus created Neurolinguistic Programming. 

I’ve also learned from many distinguished Neuroscientists, and have been trained by my Sifu, a Monk from Shaolin, who has been awarded as the top martial artist in North America.

For the past 6 years, I’ve designed research studies, coached and worked with hundreds of individuals optimizing their brain, body and health. I’ve run my own practice, uniting Eastern and Western Science ranging from advanced Brain Imaging, QEEG Brain Mapping, Neuro-technologies like PEMF Neurofield, Neurofeedback, Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy to Neuroplasticity Protocols and Brain Training including his own personally designed Super-Learning and Mind Mastery techniques, Neuro-Linguistic Programming & Hypnosis to Qigong, Tai Chi, TCM and full personal training regimens and Brainpower Nutrition & Lifestyle Game Plans.

I’ve pursued the most effective, rapid, sustainable scientific practices and disciplines to optimize the brain and body.

Having learned how to take control of my own brain and overcome anxiety, panic, stress, rigidity and self-sabotaging behaviours, my mission is to take all this knowledge I’ve learned and continue to learn, through my relationships with Neurosurgeons, Neuroscientists, the Creator of Neurolinguistic Programming, Dr. Richard Bandler and the top Shaolin Qigong & Tai Chi masters in the world, and unify all this science and expertise into simple, actionable strategies and game plans which completely change the game, your brain and your life to your maximum advantage.

Everything I recommend, I’ve personally used myself and observed the results in the hundreds of clients he’s worked with over the past 6 years.

I absolutely love teaching people “How to Learn”, “How to most effectively operate their brain” and “How to most effectively Optimize their Brain”.

Even when you don’t believe, even when you don’t think theres a chance, I do whatever it takes, stopping at no end to transform your brain, body & health. My own body and brain is my own personal experimenting grounds, and I’m constantly seeking out the most powerful disciplines and practices to push HUMAN ABILITIES TO THE MAX.

Through my transformation, I learned that there isn’t a a Magical Pill, but rather a Magical Process – through which you synergistically combine the best elements from different disciplines and weave them together into an approach which optimizes your unique brain and body. 

Now, through my private practice and work, I optimize the brain function, cognition, health and performance of people with Learning Disorders, Neurological and Autoimmune Conditions, Concussions, and Elite performers in Business, Professional Sports, and Organizations WorldWide.

I currently run my own practice in Ontario Canada, using Brain Optimization technology (QEEG Brain Mapping, Neurofeedback, Neurofield, Proprietary Neuroplasticity Protocols, Neurolinguistic Programming, Hypnosis), Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy, Brainpower Nutrition, Qigong, Tai Chi and TCM, to help you build a better brain, better body and better life.

I speak and consult for businesses around the globe, and have created The Game Changer flag-ship BRAIN, BODY & BEYOND MASTERY PROGRAM, seminars.

As a Licensed Trainer of NLP, I also teach NLP Practitioner courses for individuals who want to become Practitioners of NLP and master NLP to enhance brain function, communication, persuasion and performance.

I’m currently writing several books and doing what I love, educating people about HOW THIER BRAIN WORKS and HOW TO OPTIMIZE IT.



Change the Game Now!

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Facebook: Chris Wyllie 

Twitter: @1ChrisWyllie

Instagram: the_game_changer_chriswyllie 

The Game Changer Story

“Chris Wyllie is the ultimate high performance, health and brain game changer. He truly walks the walk and helped me up-level to my best health, body and brain ever! Having a Bay Street background and keen intuition, I challenged Chris on every level and was impressed that he could take the busy and often stressed Entrepreneur, Executive, Broker or CEO from average to super optimal brain, body and performance giving a huge competitive advantage. If you are serious about “more” or “the next level” and you want results, call Chris – The Game Changer.”

Billinda Pita
Billinda Pita Life & Business Coach. Spiritual Teacher, Psychic Consultant, Energy Healer and Hypnotist

“When it comes to performance, productivity and health-enhancement Chris is among the best-of-the-best in the world. I highly encourage you to pursue Chris to see the many ways he can take your game and your business to the next level.”

Jonanthane RicciCEO Xafira Law Firm

“He calls himself the Game-Changer, and I can truly say that Chris’s Self-Mastery, Brain and Performance Optimizing Strategies really do bring Game-Changing improvements in Mental Performance, Physical Health and Success for people. Chris is pioneering and using the best science-backed information, strategies and practices to blaze a trail to Super-Health and Super-Performance.”

Dr. Peter DeShane, DC, HBScOwner, Balanced Care Clinic

I’ve worked with many Experts over the years, and I would rank Chris Wyllie as one of the most insightful, strategic, powerful, high energy persons with whom I’ve been able learn and absorb from. Battling many personal and professional challenges and near-death experiences, Chris has taken me under his wing and has been instrumental in helping me take control of my life and rise to a higher level of consciousness, vibration and personal power. Chris designed a game changing diet, mind mastery, business strategy, and workout regimen that has completely transformed my brain, mind and body. 

As Albert Einstein once said… 

“No problem can be solved from the same level of consciousness that created it.” 

Thank you Chris for helping me change the game and my life. 

Justin Booth CEO Just-Incredible Consulting, Founder Global Unity Project