Disease, injury and aging are the result of hypoxia and low oxygen tension in the body. One method decreasing, entropy, cellular chaos and inflammation in the brain and body is by increasing the energy flow and oxygenation in the brain and body via Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy.


HBOT has been approved by the FDA for use with the following conditions: thermal burns, bone and tissue radiation burns from cancer therapy, air/gas embolism, scuba diving injuries, carbon monoxide poisoning/smoke inhalation, gas gangrene, crush injuries, necrotizing [premature death of cells], soft tissue infections (flesh-eating disease), compartment syndrome, compromised skin grafts and flaps, and enhanced healing in diabetic wounds.  


Of course, when you fundamentally understand how the cells and mitochondria in your brain and body work, its easy to understand why HBOT has been very effective in improving the conditions of people with Neurological and Autoimmune Disorders, Learning Disorders and is a mental and physical performance enhancer for both physical and mental athletes.

HBOT has given hope to many individuals who have exhausted all other treatment alternatives. Mild HBOT is an extremely safe, non-invasive, and effective treatment. Used in combination with other therapies, HBOT can enhance the benefits of other therapies including Neurofeedback, Brainpower Nutrition and Traditional Chinese Medicine..

In fact, the effectiveness of HBOT is radically increased by consuming a Ketogenic, high DHA diet – this is the foundation for the MasterMind Diet in Brainpower Nutrition. (link to book).



Oxygen is a key element to life and healing.

Without oxygen for a few minutes, the brain dies. Under pressure, oxygen saturates the red blood cells and dissolves up to fifteen times the amount of oxygen in the blood plasma, transporting oxygen deeper into the body via the lymph, intestinal fluid and cerebrospinal fluid. The increased oxygen stimulates growth and repair processes.


Benefits of HBOT:

Enhanced recovery from Brain Injury & Concussion

Improvement in Neurological and Autoimmune Conditions such as Arthritis

Rapid Recovery from Broken Bones, Surgery and Acute Sports Injuries

Enhanced Energy & Cognition (Memory, Clarity, Focus)

Enhanced Physical and Athletic Performance

  • Reduced Pain & Reduced Stress. Reduction in Inflammation and Cytokines
  • Hormone Re-balancing

Rapid Recovery from Workouts and Activity.

Increased Sleep Quality. Potential reduction in sleep needs.

Weight Loss.


The list is nearly endless. Any condition which results in inflammation in the body can benefit from oxygen treatment. That’s what Aging is – increased chaos, entropy, and inflammation that builds up and wears down your brain and body’s energy.

When we are injured, sick or fighting disease such as Cancer or recovering from chemotherapy treatments or surgery, the increased oxygenation provided by the HBOT is vitally important to deliver more oxygen, blood and growth factors to damaged areas in the body, stimulating the healing process. Oxygen is our bodys antibiotic; it controls over 8000 genes, and a course of 20 sessions increases our own stem cells eightfold’.




  1. Anti Aging & Health Management


HBOT improves circulation, reduces swelling and inflammation, enhances and activates T-Helper cells which modulate immunity and over-time increase cellular glutathione levels.  As a result, HBOT facilitates healing in Stroke, diabetes, traumatic brain injury and Alzheimers, and illnesses tied to vascular problems. HBOT helps the mitochondria burn fuel and conduct electricity more efficiently, leading to the proper unfolding and production of beneficial proteins.

Ever noticed how many neurological diseases like Alzheimers are associated with misshapen proteins in the brain?

HBOT improves the circulatory system enabling the oxygen in the blood to be distributed more freely. As one ages, redox potential is reduced. The redox potential is a measure of the electrical potential across your membranes. By delivering life-promoting oxygen in a pressurized environment, HBOT increases the electron transfer across mitochondrial membranes. By increasing the redox potential, HBOT reduces cell entropy “disorder” and thereby is anti-aging.

By improving Mitochondrial function and increasing the cell’s redox potential HBOT improves Brain Function, Heart & Cardiovascular Function as well as Immune Function.


What are the three major diseases which are exploding in our modern world?


  • Brain Disease   2. Heart Disease   3. Autoimmunity


The Brain, Heart and Immune System possess the highest concentrations of mitochondria. IN fact, the brain concentrates mitochondria the most. Since HBOT improves mitochondrial function, the first and most observable difference after HBOT is improved mental clarity and cognitive function.

When you realize that most of the cell power plants are concentrated in your brain, you’ll understand why with disease and aging the first thing that degenerates is cognitive funtion. For instance, sleep problems are involved in virtually every mental illness. Magic happens when you combine multiple modalities to get your Mitochondria firing on all cylinders. Combining HBOT with Neurofield (link), Qigong & Meditation (link) and Brainpower Nutrition (link to book and Brainpower Nutrition superfoods)


So HBOT helps with all of the following:

  1. Cellular metabolism
  2. Immune system
  3. Bone health
  4. Mental alertness
  5. Platelet function
  6. Circulation
  7. Inflammation
  8. Edema



  1. Epilepsy and Autism


Mechanism of treatment of childhood epilepsy and autism with HBOT: HBOT improves the cerebral circulation, increases oxygen tension in the cerebral cortex, thereby increasing electrical current of flow and magnetic sense, while reducing edema. HBOT promotes the energy metabolism of cerebral cells, and may help glial cells remove heavy metals and toxins in the brain, helping epileptic foci to recover.

Epilepsy is associated with disorderly, chaotic brain function. By increasing mitochondrial electron flow, brain cell activity will stabilize. The more chaos and inflammation in the brain, the more your brains energy drops, and the more chaos and inflammation that ensues. This creates a vicious cycle and epileptic seizures are often the result. By stabilizing cell function and increasing magnetic sense of brain cells, the waves of anxiety typically experienced by many people with epilepsy also tend to decrease.


Improving the mental disability caused by epilepsy in children: Epilepsy often impairs the children’s intelligence and personality; HBOT can not only control the attacks of epilepsy but also prevent the occurrence of intelligence impairment and abnormal personality, decreasing the likelihood of mental disability for children with epilepsy. It can also mitigate the side effects and risks of Epileptic medications.


The treatment process: If the cause of the epilepsy is known then it is easier to predict the results of HBOT treatment. For instance, brain damage that resulted due to birth delivery tends to see particularly beneficial results from HBOT therapy. As for the period of treatment, most epileptic patients may require 6 months to 2-3 years of treatments. For most conditions, between fifteen and twenty days of HBOT treatments will be required. Up to 60 treatments may be required for more severe cases.

Remember, each neurological condition must be evaluated on a case by case basis. The redox potential and glutathione levels, electron current on flow will be different for each person and so require a different number of treatments.


Most Importantly, by Stacking The Deck and synergistically combining multiple modalities, include NeuroField (link) and Neurofeedback (link) therapies, plus Qigong and Meditation (link), Brainpower Nutrition (link), Nutraceuticals and specific Neuroplasticity enhancing technologies like Iawake (link), cellular integrity and function can be restored much much faster, and so clients may require a fraction of the typical number of treatments used in research and at other clinics.




  1. Cerebral Palsy


Cerebral Palsy is a brain injury often associated with premature birth, poor circulation and low oxygen tension. This condition can manifest itself by a delay in physical development with high muscle tone (spasticity/hypertonia), low muscle tone (hypotonia), or both. Hyperbaric oxygen therapy (HBOT) can help these complications by increasing the amount of oxygen dissolved in the plasma.

Improvements observed from pre to post evaluation in most children include alertness, concentration, quality of sleep, and ability to communicate both verbally and non-verbally. Other improvements include significant reduction in spasticity in the hip adductors, hamstrings, ankle plantar flexors, sitting and balance in walking.



  1. RSD, Complex Regional Pain Syndrome, Sudeck’s Syndrome


CRPS is a disease of the small nerve fibres which control blood flow and certain kinds of sensations. This condition can be quite debilitating, putting people in wheel chairs and forcing the use of dangerous medications.

Reflex Sympathetic Dystrophy (RSD) is referred to by several other names:

  • Reflex Sympathetic Dystrophy Syndrome – RSDS
  • Complex Regional Pain Syndrome
  • Shoulder-Hand Syndrome
  • Causalgia
  • Sudeck’s Atrophy


Symptoms of RSD:

RSD usually affects one of the extremities (arms, legs, hands, or feet). The primary symptom of RSD is intense, continuous pain. According to NINDS (National Institute of Neurological Disorders and Stroke), the list of symptoms includes:

  • burning pain
  • increased skin sensitivity
  • skin temperature changes (warmer or cooler than opposing extremity)
  • skin color changes (blotchy, purple, pale, red)
  • skin texture changes (shiny, thin, sweaty)
  • changes in nail and hair growth patterns
  • stiffness and swelling in affected joints
  • decreased ability to move affected extremity


HBOT enables the healing of these fibres and if given within a short time of the onset of the condition can return people to an employable condition.


  1. Diabetes (peripheral neuropathy, non healing wounds)


Diabetes can destroy peripheral nerve fibres and reduce peripheral circulation to the extent that wounds will not heal and damage to the extremities may not be sensed. HBOT can reverse much of this damage and prevent amputations of the affected limbs.

Diabetics are notoriously low in oxygen and DHA (essential fatty acid that has never been replaced). Diabetics suffer from Neuropathy because they don’t get DHA into cells, and have poor blood flow because their are chronically hypoxic.

HBOT increases oxygenation of tissues helping to minimize hypoxia. HBOT also increases redox potential and so will help to integrate DHA into mitochondrial membranes when HBOT is commenced with a high-fat, high-DHA, ketogenic diet, see Brainpower Nutrition (link).


Cancer Prevention and Treatment:

In 1931 Otto Warburg won a Nobel Prize for explaining that oxygen was the enemy of the cancer cell. It kills them. Cancer cells thrive in an environment where oxygen is depleted, and plentiful oxygen can kill them off. HBOT has also been shown to significantly reduce inflammation in the body and this can be a precursor to cancer. All disease is associated with hypoxia, and accumulation of a positive charge (inflammation).

Otto Warburg noted that HBOT is a simple alternative cancer treatment, effective in destroying anaerobic cancerous growths. He arrived at this conclusion by noting the fundamental differences between cancerous and normal cells; both derive energy from glucose, but the normal cell requires oxygen to combine with the glucose, while the cancer cells break down glucose without oxygen, yielding only 1/15 the energy per glucose molecule that a normal cell produces. This is why cancer cells have such a huge appetite for sugar, and also why people who consume excessive quantities of sugar tend to get cancer more often. Consuming a High-fat, moderate protein, high-DHA seasonal diet, like the MasterMind Diet as in Brainpower Nutrition is the key to maximize oxygenation of tissues, and minimize risk of cancer.


Studies published in June 2013 by researchers from the University of South Florida and the Boston College concluded that ´A Ketogenic Diet and HBOT produced significant anti-cancer effects when combined in a natural model of systemic metastatic cancer. Combined with the Ketogenic Diet, HBOT elicited a significant decrease in BLOOD GLUCOSE, TUMOR GROWTH RATE and a 77% increase in mean survival times compared to the controls.

Now imagine what would be possible if:


  • We increased DHA intake as in Brainpower Nutrition


  1. Introduce the most powerful Tonic Herbs that boost nervous system, hormonal system and immune function. See Brainpower Nutrition
  2. Patients practiced meditation, increasing bodys electricity, oxygenation and redox potential (link)
  3. Qigong, Tai Chi or HIIT was practiced (links)
  4. Neurofeedback or Neurofield Technology was used to completely balance and synchronize the brain. (links) How does Cancer occur again, when cellular chaos increases and cellular regulation (apoptosis) goes by the wayside. Read Brainpower Nutrition for the 5 Element Medical Healing. See the Regulatory Cycle, which well malfunctions, cancerous growths are the result.